~ About ~

MONOMYTH is an action-packed first-person roleplaying game, inspired by classics like Arx Fatalis, Ultima Underworld and the King's Field series.

Actively swing your sword, cast spells, dodge, parry and block, using a rich arsenal of deadly weapons and powerful magic. The choice is all yours!

Seamlessly explore a vast, interconnected environment and make your way through a multitude of differently themed areas. All without loading screens!

Talk to characters using a detailed keyword-based dialogue system, trade, pick locks, break doors, disarm traps or throw objects! You can even bake bread!

Open the gates to a dark, mysterious realm, beset by horrifying monstrosities and discover the secrets of the fortress city of Lysandria!

~ Features ~

  • Action-oriented first person RPG
  • Free character development
  • A vast, interconnected game world
  • Detailed and open-ended area design
  • Highly interactive environments
  • Keyword-based dialogue system
  • Unique apocalyptic fantasy setting

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